Friday, February 03, 2006

Bag this

My sister gave me a gift certificate for a little tea room in St. Petersburg. It's so cool. You even get a feather boa and vintage hat to wear while you're having tea. It's just like playing dress up as a little girl. Anyway, my sister was carrying one of the felted bags I knit. The owner thought it was cute and asked me to bring her 3 bags. This one and the ones in the next three postings are the ones I plan to take to her. I figure if they don't sell, I'll give them away as Christmas presents next year. HA! It seemed appropriate to me to take the pics of these bags right on the washing machine. (The laundry room was the only place that had good enough lighting.) "Catch a Wave" reminded me of the beaches in South Florida and the Bahamas. The water is SO blue and you can see down 30 feet. (NOTE: Tampa Bay is NOT like that.)


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