Friday, March 10, 2006

Ten seconds (more or less) of fame!

Ok, I'm SO excited. I just listened to Brenda Dayne's new episode of Cast On. Dave from Chub Creek is filling in while Brenda is away. He had a hilarious segment about sewing up his old bathrobe. But, most exciting is that Brenda included my call-in. I'm so honored. This is truly my 10 seconds of fame. THANK YOU BRENDA!!!! (I swear I have a life and I'm not a total geek.) But, is that cool or what? So, here I am posting this instead of...working on the assignments for two new courses that just started this week, planning lessons, writing a paper for my practicum, or FINISHING MOLLY's SOCKS!!!! (I promise I'm close.) Gotta go - - - - time for happy hour!


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