Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ta Da - Molly's Socks are Finished

Poor Molly. She was my very first secret sock pal. Prior to this, I had not made socks on anything smaller than a size 6 DPN. I had tried, but it just seemed SO small. I made these socks with Opal Dreamcatcher on size 3 DPNs. I hope she likes the socks, but I also know that the next pair I make will be better. I just learn so much from every project.

It was fun making these for someone special. The "stranger" element made me really want to get them right. Not that I don't want to get them right when giving to family members, but there's a certain pressure when knitting for another knitter. These socks traveled to Maine, came with me to visit my mom in the nursing home (she has MS), came along with my son and husband on our boat out in Tampa Bay, and beckoned me from the fireplace hearth when I was working on the computer.

I think I'm ready to move down to a DPN 2. It makes a lot more sense doing it in small steps than going from felted purses at size 13/15 down to a size 0.


At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Emily said...

Poor Molly nothin'! Those look great! And it's always nice to be the recipient of someone's "first" knitted anything.


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