Thursday, June 29, 2006

Look What I Made in Camp!!!!

I told you I was having as much fun at camp as the kids. These are the knitting needles I made from wood dowels. We measured them at somewhere between a US 13 and 15. So I guess they are offically US size 14. Custom made, custom size. We sanded the %$#@# out of them. One of the girls sanded so much that they actually came out in two different sizes.

I have never seen so much excitement over fun fur. The girls just couldn't get enough of that stuff. I was happy to pass it along. They made purses, scarves, coasters, bookmarks, and pot holders in every color of the rainbow. They were all very "furry". We even hand spun yarn into little ankle bracelets. We never made it to KoolAid dye. Maybe next year.


At 4:58 AM, Blogger Marie said...

Great use for fun fur! The needles look spectacular. Did you paint the end yourself?


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