Thursday, June 01, 2006

Secret Pals across America

I did some Secret Pal shopping this week. It's amazing how much thought goes into spoiling your secret pal. The pic on the left is for my "One Skein" secret pal. Included is a skein of Noro, the book "Knitticisms" and a one-skein mitten pattern (compliments of "Just Jucci's" blog) for my SP in Minneapolis. On the right is a summer fun pack for my SP8 secret pal. Included is a skein of hand-dyed Merino Wool, a pink bag to hold a small knitting project (proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research), another copy of "Knitticisms", and a pattern for summer socks from Spun Mag. My favorite one is the toeless sock. That's funky! Now you might say it's odd to post the SP gifts I plan to send. Then again, what's the chance that my SP will stumble upon this blog and say "Hey - That's the package I just got in the mail"? I told both SP's that my favorite Knitticism is "You know your yarn has control over your life when you try to spin the dryer lint into yarn." That's my crafty idea of the week.


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